Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall photos , a sketch, a wee goblin, and borders

Yesterday, I had time to kill after my tutoring before picking up my husband and in anticipation of this, I packed my camera and my little traveling sketchbook packet. My friend, Nicole makes these from canvas and recycled clothing bits. Isn't it wonderful?

I stopped at one of my favourite vantage points to take pictures and do a quick sketch. I love the gold and silvery colors of the foreground foliage.

Before leaving home, I took a picture of the front of my house. It's a small but cozy abode.

And I am as enthralled with dried flowers as I am with the bright summer version. They are softer in color and wonderfully graphic.

Inspired by some little ghosties that my son's fiancé made using gauze and jelly jars, I made one for my table arrangement. It has a little battery operated flickering candle in it. Google it if you like. There are lots of versions and directions on line. I think it needs a black felt mouth; I must go looking for a scrap.

This morning, I did a little sewing on a Christmas project. It's the time of year when I can't always post about what I'm doing!
I also got the last black border on my quilt and laid it out to cut the final fabric border.

I've pinned the first one on and laid it out for later. This quilt has been a few years in the making; it's so close now that I want to finish it. I had thought I might send it out for quilting before Christmas but it does seem that many of the machine quilters are rather busy with Christmas quilts. I'll finish the top, gather the batting and the backing and fold it up until after Christmas I think.

For my quick sketch I took a few artistic liberties when I found my paint brush was nearly empty of water. I wasn't able to mix the softer colors, so I went with the colors that would have been there a couple of weeks ago.
I forgot to add the photo earlier in my post and I can't get this Blogger + on my I Pad to insert in the middle.

Oh, and yes, the horizon line is tilted. It's hard to get things straight when your drawing against the steering wheel of the car!


beth said...

So much inspiration here today!

Leslie McNeil said...

yes... the canvas is adorable! your friends does sweet things with her scrappiness happiness! your doorstep is charming, and i agree with the dried graphic quality you speak to. right now i'm fascinated with the dried grasses, and leaves... and i love your sketch, too... the horizon looks fine to me!