Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paintsticks winner

There seem to be so many things to do in the fall, it's hard to get to the sewing room. Today I visited the little market downtown where I picked up fresh cranberries, carrots and tomatoes. We are nearing the end of the season. It is getting pretty cold out, frost on the windshield in the morning cold. I must get the rest of my own carrots picked!
Yesterday, my friend, Glenda, dropped off a bag of her grapes which I crushed, simmered and hung to drip in a cheesecloth bag all night. This morning, I cooked up a batch of grape jelly.

Wow, it really shocks me how much sugar goes into to it! I even used the Certo light. I really must do some research into some with less sugar. I don't often eat jam though, probably only once every couple of weeks and I will give a few for gifts.
Of course I had to try a teeny bit on a ginger snap for my snack this afternoon. I know, a Ryvita with low fat dip and garden tomatoes is an odd combination to go with it. Produce is so tasty when it's local.

I finally put my computer on in order to close the comments for my giveaway and I've chosen a winner for the Painsticks. Congratulations Verna! I'll need your mailing address.
I've just got the two final top and bottom borders left on my postage stamp! So excited!


Gill said...

Congratulations Verna!

Wendy said...

Love the grape jelly from Glendas grapes, if you are looking for some one to take a jar of all that sweetness off your hands, I can accommodate you. Always looking to help out a friend...(grin)

Eileen said...

It definitely is the preserving season. I made blueberry jam this week.
Also, I answered your question on my blog.