Monday, October 1, 2012

some sketching

Today, I'm recuperating from my big weekend. I'm still on such a high from the wedding! (See my last post) I did a little house cleaning and got some clothes out on the line.
Besides the wedding, my mind is also still on my trail walk from the other day and some of the beautiful pictures I took.
These bright pink leaves against a backdrop of green really caught my eye.
 As I wrote on my page, the colors remind me of watermelon. Funny how you may see the same colors reflected in different places. I like the shape of these leaves too.
 I can't resist showing you this little fellow who tolerated me for a bit and then ran up a tree and chattered at me in anger. I love how the light caught his wispy tale.
I hope you're having Monday!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh how very nice Holly....I just read the wedding post. What a handsome couple....and the quilt is fantastic !!!! You look so very proud; I know that feeling. Nothing like your children being extremely happy is there. said...

hehe - you wrote, "I hope you are having Monday" : ) that's a funny typo.

Lovely wedding pics! What a handsome guy you have - woohoo! ; )

I love the words on your page - the handwriting. Is that on paper, or is that the cloth for art? Looks so pretty with notes near the paintings. ; )