Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shibori piece

I seem to be spinning my wheels a lot but not getting a lot done. Yesterday, I did my swim in the morning, lunch, and a couple of errands. Today, I had another couple of stops to make on the way to the dentist for my cleaning and check up.

I just finished putting a binding together to go with the Victoria quilt, so that feels good.

This is the piece I painted and then added the shibori in the grey/brown colour. I'm not happy with it, partly because of the bunching and slipping I was getting with the nylon twine.
I can't paint anymore fabric either because I've run out of a key colour of the paint and need to order it. Don't you love it when you keep hitting road blocks?
I may play with it anyway as a practice piece to try out some of my ideas.
The next couple of weeks may not be the most artistically productive for me. I'm going to be getting ready for a guild retreat next weekend. There's a certain amount of organizing, cutting and packing that goes on beforehand. I'm taking traditional quilting with me as I find it hard to take all the required art supplies. It is a quilt retreat after all.
I may take one small sandwiched art piece to play a bit on if I get bored with the other stuff.
I can't believe it's Thursday already!


imquilternity said...

The Victoria quilt is beautiful and tons of work, right? I like the shiboried piece, but know if you think it needs it, you will be able to improve upon it. Maybe you'll get more inspiration while you're waiting for the paint to arrive?

elle said...

It looks like like a slower pace for art for me as well. I have a houseful and too many 'helpers' wanting to help. I do hope you can 'advance' at the quilt retreat! lol

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I never heard of this technique Holly...I think it looks very neat.

Exuberant Color said...

Sometimes the pieces that didn't come out like you planned work out well.

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