Sunday, October 21, 2012

Home again

I tried so hard at retreat to relax and slow time down, but it's over all too quickly anyway. I had a very relaxing time; I was under no pressure to finish anything. Even the meals worked out. I took a vegetarian entree and ate whatever vegetables went with the meals. The ladies were great and even made me a vegetable soup for lunch one day.

This pretty star was made with Countdown to Christmas by my friend Sue. She also surprised me with a belated birthday gift that really awed me! I had cut a charm pack from my stash as part of a Christmas exchange last year which Sue won in the Chinese gift thing that we did. Then she used them in this Schnibbles pattern of the month and decided to give it to me.

It is currently residing on the back of my sofa.

This fall wall hanging was made by a true beginner, my son's girlfriends mom. We sat next to each other and I helped her a bit but isn't it something for the first time?

I missed getting a photo of this when Gisele had the blocks on the wall, so I got her to hold up what she had put together. I love the colors! I'm sorry I didn't make a note of the pattern.
I didn't do any work on my art pieces but rather used the time to do some cutting and piecing as well as finishing up the quilting and the binding on a a baby quilt. I'll have pictures next time.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Glad you had such a great time Holly. The piece your friend made for you is wonderful!! and so is the gf's mother's fall piece...quite lovely...