Monday, October 8, 2012

a quiet holiday Monday

It's just my husband and I this weekend. We joined some family at the cottage for a potluck dinner last night. This morning we got up at our own time and decided to do a few household chores rather than go to the golf course. Even though it had stopped raining, everything was still wet.
I've been puttering around in the sewing room and studio this afternoon. The first thing I did was to wrap my painted fabric onto a tin can to paint.
 I mixed up a color of fabric paint and applied it with a sponge brush. Below you can see where I've started to unwrap it. I did take a picture of the piece completely unwrapped but the color didn't come out true. I want to re-wrap it anyway so I can get to a couple of unpainted areas. On any other pieces I did using this shibori technique, I used white cotton string. Since I couldn't find it, I resorted to a nylon string.which I wouldn't recommend. It slips too much.
I'm not really happy with the color of the 'trees' either. I may have to paint another piece and get out to buy the right string. It really is about the process isn't it? I will show it once it's painted and pressed though.

Since I wanted to feel like I finished something, I put the cushion together. I didn't have the right size cushion for the inside which is why it is looking a little deflated. It's a good example of how truly disorganized I am sometimes. I didn't even measure it and make it for a standard cushion. Now I must measure and if I can't get a preformed cushion, I'll make one. OK, so it's not quite finished. I sure like the colors though!


elle said...

It is indeed a pretty cushion. Now I know this works for dyeing so why I never thought to try it for painting??? duh. sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious! Thanks.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

the pillow is gorgeous; have to agree i love your color choices, too! now... the tin can painting is WONDERFUL! i love it. great tip, tho.