Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tuesday's table

Don't ask me why, it's not as if I'm stressed out or have been working too hard, I decided to take a little more me time this week. Yesterday, I went for a nice long walk with my husband, and this morning since I wanted to go downtown to pay a bill and go to the library, we met for lunch at our little independent bookstore on Main street. Gord is always late so I bought a paper and read while I waited.
Once home, I got distracted by some starlings in the apple tree and had to take some pictures. I really must try painting them. I love their sparkles.

The robin was back all puffed up and resting in the tree this morning too. He seems to like the birdbath for fresh water. since all our apples are gone, I got the idea to put a crochet hook through an apple to pull some wool through for hanging. Gord put it in the tree but he hasn't found it yet.

My roses from Valentine's Day have all been thrown out except for two which I sort of ignored, and now I can't throw them out. Isn't the color of the dried petals pretty?
On my cutting table I've arranged my dyed piece with the batting and backing.  I've been picking through my threads and fibers for matching colors. While I finish the robin I'm already thinking about how I shall do this piece. I can start it but I may need to order some fore fibers in the colors I want.

I've added another few bits to the robin piece--this time some small branches using 2 threads at once in the needle (size 90). I also added a few more snowflakes with Sulky's hollow shimmer. I switched to an embroidery needle for this and stitch quite slowly to avoid breakage. The hollow shimmer is fine and it almost feels like plastic. I use it in almost every piece for a little touch of sparkle. Hopefully if you enlarge you'll see it better.
Oh, and tomorrow in addition to my usual swim and sauna at the spa, I'm getting a massage, been saving a while for that.


Michelle in Saskatoon said...

I've noticed a lot of bird photos in the last day or two, this one is particularly nice,

monika@mysweetprairie.ca said...

Oh I love starlings!! They usually show up in a gigantic horde every spring and get drunk eating all the fermented apples off the ornamental crab trees. : ) Pretty! If you would ever let me try out a bird photo, let me know! I suck at taking bird pictures. ; )

thanks for linking!

darcey said...

Good Morning Holly
I have just spent an enjoyable morning poring over your blog with my morning cup of tea. Just beautiful. I am totally inspired and ready to start my day. I love your style....am currently trying art quilts, too, and loving it.
Have a good day.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

nice touch Holly

Regina said...

I'm flabbergasted that there are people who like starlings! How do you keep them away from your bird feeders? And they bully the chickadees and nuthatches.

elle said...

Luv the stitching on the tree branches. Strarlings were in the house walls for years. Nothing personal but I kinda hope they stay away!

Mary Ann Tate said...

I love the picture of the robin all fluffed up:) We haven't seen any yet...soon I hope.

Cheryl Coville said...

I love your bird photos, too.