Saturday, February 25, 2012

more snow

We just got yesterday's fresh snow out of the way and we got hit with the biggest storm we've had yet this winter. It was heavy and difficult to get up and over the banks. I wasn't able to help much. The front walk was so drifted over I couldn't shovel it, so we left it for tomorrow. Gord pushed his way out the back door and I manged to push some of the snow aside from the back step. It was too heavy for me and I had to give up.

Since I never seem to get a full day without something I have to go out for, I welcomed the storm so I could make porridge bread and vegetarian stew.

When I finally sat down to my machine, I was so exhausted that I was too shaky to sew. I made a tea and finished reading a book instead. At least I have committed to this piece though. I stitched the branches on and lined it with interfacing, so I'm ready to proceed with a little free motion texture to the  branches and some snowflakes next time.
I have a couple of questions. First of all, does anyone have problems with viewing my blog as far as loading the pictures? I confess, I'm not very savvy when it comes to some of these things and I'm wondering about picture size. I usually crop them in Picasso as I don't have a photo software.
Also, today, I tried to change my profile picture and it said I had reached my upload quota and would have to buy more space. Has that happened to anyone?


Exuberant Color said...

I have heard of people using their free capacity and having to purchase more space. I think they said it was $20 a year. I just checked mine (on the photo page of Picasa) and it says I have used 66%.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Gosh Holly that has never happened to me....don't know what to tell you. I have no trouble viewing your page or pictures....btw;the robin piece is to die for!! we got barely ant snow...mostly turned to rain and melted....what a difference,eh.

I spent the day binding my quilt to post on Sew It's Feb. finish..put another in the frames this afternoon...and made a pillow cover to match my polka dot one that I gave the tutorial for.
Going to sit back now and have my tea.

rtquilter said...

Nice ! My husband is baking bread here this morning too, but our wee bit of snow has pretty well melted. The garden is full of squirrels and all sorts of hungry birds and the snowdrops are visible once again. All is right with the world- well, MY world, thank God! The rest of the poor little world is pretty shaky :-(

Gill said...

Well we've had another day of sunshine and our first butterflies are about! I've seen a red admiral and a brimstone in the last few days! I'm not sure if you have these butterflies?? but so nice to think that spring is coming!

Gill said...

Forgot to ask you Holly - what's porridge bread????

Quilt Rat said...

I just checked my Picasa page and I see that I have not used even a quarter of my free space....I make certain that the photos I upload are greatly reduced in size, I wonder if this is the issue you are having. For example if you upload photos that are 500 KB in size they will gobble up space very quickly. I generally re-size my photos to somewhere in the 70 - 100KB size range. I have had my blog for just over 3 years and have a LOT of photos. I do know that at some point I will need to purchase more space, but it appears that I am good for now.

elle said...

Oye! How long have you been blogging? I don't know what my status is. I set my camera for the computer image setting and upload from my own pictures file. Keep us posted!

imquilternity said...

Hi Holly!

I don't have a problem viewing your photos, either on your blog or in google reader.

I'm curious too - what's porridge bread? It sure looks good. Especially if you're inside where it's nice and toasty and there's lots of snow outside! Can you tell I don't get to have that experience??