Thursday, February 9, 2012

finished bookmarks and another cosmos

Last night for supper I made carrot lentil soup to have along with another batch of  the no knead bread that I had mixed up earlier in the day. This time I used oats and molasses as a replacement for some of the flour. I baked 2 loaves and the rest went into the frig to baked daily. It is delicious and yet so easy to make.

I just finished putting a zig zag border on my bookmarks.

 Then I sewed a border on another cosmos piece that I mono printed. a friend asked if I could do her a sewing machine cover with a piece of my fiber art on it and I thought the cosmos would be perfect. Here it is ready for a little paint on the white flowers and then sandwiching and free motioning.


Wendy said...

mmm soup looks yummy. I really must make up another batch of that artisan bread..we thoroughly enjoy it!

elle said...

hmm I wonder if artisan bread would lend itself to gluten free flours? nice book marks