Tuesday, February 14, 2012

off to visit with friends

One of my  'Tuesday Quilting group" is having a sewing day today. We don't meet as often as in the past for a sewing day, perhaps once a month. Some of us meet quite regularly for coffee on an errand day so we're pretty close and there is always someone there for us in times of need.
Anyway, I'm off to spend a little time with my quilting friends. I am not bringing the quilt that I'm working on right now because I'm still tired with my high blood pressure episode. It may take a couple of weeks to get it stable I guess and I'm supposed to rest. My form of resting today will be to take my knitting instead of lugging my machine and all the paraphernalia.
I did promise a picture of the fabric sent to me by Margaret of Scrap Wisdom Collage. Sometimes it is difficult to get the exact coloring. It is really a very pretty aqua green with mossy green circles and lots of other details. I love the scroll work in white. I will be thinking about what I shall do with it.


imquilternity said...

You are so lucky to belong to such a group. It sounds wonderful. Hope you have a good time knitting today. I love the fabric, btw. It's subtle, but gorgeous and I can't wait to see how you choose to use it. Hsppy Valentine's Day.

elle said...

Good fellowship! I just luv the white scroll work and all the bits of detail!

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

Wow; how cool is that! Looking forward to more, Holly!!