Sunday, February 19, 2012

giveaway winner and sketching robins

I generally don't spend much time in the studio on Sundays. Occasionally we go out for breakfast as we did today and we may walk or snowshoe. Today, we walked and then we visited the in laws.
I sat down in front of my computer at around 4 PM with a cup of tea. Having enjoyed the bit of sketching and painting of the cornflowers in the last few days, I decided to try some quick relaxed sketches of my 'winter robins'. I've been writing a bit about these robins that stay for the winter all decked out in their fluffy white underwear and who feed off the frozen berries and apple trees. After watching the antics of this one yesterday and taking a bunch of pictures, I decided to try a bit of sketching. I wanted them to be quick, get acquainted type sketches, so I did them in my cheap sketchbook. Then I decided I should add some color for reference. I used my watercolor pencils but the paper started to ball up a bit. I'm thinking of how I might reproduce it in fabric.

Just after 5:00 to-night, I had my husband draw a name for my magazine and bookmark giveaway. It occurred to me earlier that it wouldn't look good if, my friend, who lives just a few miles down the road from me, won. Someone might think it was fixed! I assure you I did my best to be fair and to my surprise it was indeed my friend, Wendy who won! We meet sometimes for coffee so I'll only have to hand it over. What gets me is she just won another lovely giveaway that we both put our names into.


elle said...

aw, congrats to Wendy. Guess I have to keep looking for the magazine. Watercolour pencils look like lots of fun. great robin.

Gill said...

I love your little robin sketch
Congratulations to Wendy!

Wendy said...

Wow! Thank you Holly. What a lucky gal I am! I have really hit the mother lode this weekend. I received so many wonderful gifts from secret sisters at our retreat and when I arrived home and checked e-mails I had another surprise waiting from you. If I was a ticket buyer I might just be convinced to go out and buy a lottery ticket. You will of course autograph it at no extra charge, just so I can brag about once you are rich and famous from all your quilting art?
Thanks again.