Wednesday, November 16, 2011

what a day

I've had one of those 'I should have stayed in bed kind of days'. It started out looking good. I was up early, the sun was shining, I got my bed clothes washed and on the line
The plan was to do a little sewing on a Christmas apron I decided to make as a gift. The pattern came from one of my books. I got the front and the lining cut out, sewed the darts as directed and that is when it started. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the top to fit right with the bottom so I called a friend who actually sews aprons to sell for some help. Well, she couldn't figure it out either, but she at least confirmed that my idea to fix it would be OK.

I then worked on my little beach huts, putting on a little beading and some embroidery. I believe I will call it done and you won't see it again now until I get sewn into the serger cover it is meant for. One good thing.

I made a stop at the grocery store and was hoping to get home in time for a walk--all my fussing with the apron ate up my day. On my way home I got pulled over and I couldn't even imagine what for. It was my registration; it expired the end of October. Just the other day on the news they said that the government has decided to re-start sending out the reminder notices for registrations, as too many people were forgetting to re-new. I thought great, that will be good and I still didn't think to check. You see here in Nb, until a couple of years ago, we received the new registration form in the mail and one would always know it needed to be done. Then, the government decided as a cost saving measure to stop sending them out. I'm sure the police welcome it. They must be making money!
So, I got fined $172,  and I was late getting home for my 3PM pill and my snack. Since I'm diabetic, I was shaking and getting a head ache. I've had my snack while I'm sitting here. I'm too weak to walk and I've missed the sun anyway. I'll have supper and go out later in the dark. It will still be good to get out.
Forgive me if I sound whiny; I know it could be worse. I'm going to put it behind me, well except for the fine which I have 6 months to pay, thank goodness.


Wendy said...

Oh dear! Good thing the day is almost over. One thing good though..your little huts look cute!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I HATE getting tickets!! It seems so unfair! Hope tomorrow is better :)