Tuesday, November 8, 2011

fused beach huts

I've had a nagging laryngitis for about a week which I attributed to the heaters now being on regularly in the house. I always have a bit of an adjustment to that. However, I awoke yesterday morning with another headache, my voice was worse, and I knew form experience that I had a sinus infection. I started to feel quite ill by mid morning, so I knew I had to increase my dose of cortef and rest up.
Today, I got a prescription for an antibiotic at the clinic. I've been sinus rinsing with the Neti pot twice a day which is very effective in cleaning out any infection.
I was so bored yesterday. I really only felt like lying around. I finished a book and then tried to knit. Has anyone else checked out daytime TV lately? It's pretty bad. I have nothing I can show for my day yesterday as my knitting projects are for Christmas presents.
This afternoon, I re-visited a piece I started earlier in the fall.. I had decided to take off 1 tree and change the border.
I did that; I'm happy with  it now. I started the tedious process of stitching down all the fused parts. I was about  halfway or so through that process when I thought of doing all the outlining in black which makes it resemble an ink sketch. It was too late though. I suppose I could have gone over what I had done but there was only a little bit left.
 The next step will be to add the free motion quilting lines on the beach around the houses, quilt the border and do a little embellishing at the front, perhaps a few beads and stitching to represent some seaweed, shells and such..


Wendy said...

I think you are right..it would have taken on a completely different look with the black thread. More definition. You may have to do another one...Looking forward to seeing how it progresses. Feel better soon.

Serena said...

Sorry about your sinus infection...I've only suffered with bad ones twice in my life and they were so painful. You have my sympathy.

I love the stitched piece you are working on...I think it would have lost the whimsical appeal if you'd done the black outlining. It would have been effective just the same.

Happy AEDM,