Monday, November 21, 2011

a cutting piecing day

I had an early doctor's appointment this morning and came home just before noon. When my friend Elise called and wanted some help with the guild block of the month, I told her to come right after lunch. I helped her, while at the same time cutting some of my own fabric for the next (very easy) apron I plan to make. She inspired me to do the block of the month which I don't usually get around to. December's block is a snowman's head set into a star. I got busy and cut the pieces out for that too.

Then at my snack time, I sat and checked for new blog posts and this one from Love, Laugh, Quilt got me going again. I've always wanted to do try wonky houses and the idea of trying one and sending it off into blog land was irresistible! I dragged out my basket of scraps and sat to play. You can see that in my zest to add the roof, I neglected the background next to each side of the house. No problem, I'll just snip a quarter inch from the seam and add it on.
As you may notice in my wonky house block, I was so anxious to get the roof on, that I forgot the sides which should have gone on first. Oh well, I only need to snip a quarter inch and I can add them on. Isn't it wild? I think I'll put a green for the background color and then perhaps a bright sky. This was fun. Maybe you'll join in?


beth said...

Love your little house! I get ahead of myself when I get excited about projects too!!! :0

Anonymous said...

Love you wonky houses Holly, phusia
and anything else you make