Tuesday, March 1, 2011

quick post

I had 3 appointments today all spaced out over the course of the day, but luckily, none took too long, and I had some time to play some in my studio. I got home from my first appointment at the hospital before 8AM, so I even had a much needed little chat with my daughter in Korea. She is suffering from a rather nasty case of tonsillitis right now, which she's never had before. Luckily, she had yesterday off but must go in to teach a new bunch of classes tomorrow.
I got my little bit of token cleaning done too. I spritzed and mopped some of the hardwood in the living room and then I was free to spend a little time in my studio. After cutting and organizing some more Kaffe Fassett fabrics, I got down to cutting out the pieces for my little bird hanging. Here you see them laid out approximately; they are not yet ironed down. I still may make the odd adjustment. Once sewn down, I will then add some hand embroidery and a little paint as well. It is satisfying to get something out of my head and my sketchbook into fabric. I've been planning it out in my head and finally had the time to do it.

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