Tuesday, March 22, 2011

back in my studio

I didn't accomplish a lot in my studio the last few days as it has been just beautiful outside. I was very excited on Sunday when I figured out how to put bookmarks and footnotes into the books I'm reading on my Kindle! I usually spend Sunday with husband and family, which I did, and yesterday, although it's usually a stay at home day, I had several errands to do. (tax time)
This morning a friend visited, and we sat at the computer and made a fabric order from Quilternity  This is the link to the  blog and her shop is on her sidebar.
Then today after lunch, I went for a very short walk as my blood sugars were a little high. Afterward, I took a few minutes to get this little piece bordered and sandwiched for quilting. As I usual, I will be doing some embellishing.

Also, I made up the second pillow in the gel printed pair. I think they're quite cheerful, just in time for spring!

I was surfing blogs the other night and came across the directions for these little notebooks made form recycled food boxes and the inside of security envelopes (the blue deigned paper) here. I had to try one. I haven't embellished yet. Mine has copy paper inside and is about 4" by 5". It will end up tucked into someone's gift.

I also haven't gotten around to posting pictures of my soy dyed pieces. While they didn't come out as saturated as I'd hoped, I think I know why, and the method I used with the paper as a mask worked beautifully. I will have to order the proper thickener from a dye supply shop. Even though the dyes were quite old, I think that I just need to add more dye powder to the mix as well as use the proper thickener, sodium alginate. On this one I painted the flowers freehand with the wax.


Dolores said...

You've been busy. Neat notebook and the colours of the cushions are very cheerful. I do like your quilt. What is the finished size?

Laura Lea said...

Oh I do love your artwork! The soft floral in pink is lovely. The gel medium truck is wonderful. I love the journal cover from the cereal box. I like doing the same kinds of things.