Tuesday, March 15, 2011

this makes me happy

I put out my first line of clothes since early January. I often try to hang clothes most of the winter, but this year the  snow got too high. Today, I was able to do socks, t-shirts and underwear and clear the snow. It was a beautiful blue skied day--temperature about -6C. I went for a short walk after lunch. It was too nice to stay inside.

Our snow is still so deep that we took the opportunity last night ot go out and trim our apple tree while we can get at the top of it. As you can see my husband was the one who climbed teh tree. I trimmed the lower branches and picked up.

This afternoon after my walk, I put one cushion together. I'm quite pleased with it.


Wendy said...

lovely pillow! I 'm like you..I love to see clothes on the line..love even more the nice fresh smell when you bring them in!

imquilternity said...

How I wish I could hang clothes on a line! Our air is so dirty/dusty, I would have to wash them all again. Seeing yours sure brings back some lovely memories of my mother hanging clothes on the line when I was little. We lived in Las Vegas at the time where it was always a little bit breezy and warm. In addition, I really like your banner!