Tuesday, March 8, 2011

not sure I like it

Has this ever happened to anyone else? You have a vision for a project, but as you go along it doesn't seem to be going as you perhaps envisioned it, or if it is going that way you're not sure you like it? I do really like some things that I do, dislike others, and for some, I'm lukewarm. I think that's where I am with this piece. While I was away, I picked up the outside border fabric. It seemed to match the colors perfectly, although I'm not sure about it now. I do still have more details to add with the hand embroidery, but I wanted to see how it would look. Also, once I finish the branch that I'm hand embroidering, I think I will machine quilt it before I finish the rest of the hand stitching. I haven't done the eyes or the feet yet either  and maybe that's part of it.

Probably, you're getting tired of the snow pictures, I know I am. This is what we got yesterday. I just heard on the radio that it was about 45cm. You can see if you care to look that the snow behind the deck is almost up to the roof of the shed.

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Exuberant Color said...

I really like the borders. The outside one echoes your little branches with the tiny leaves.