Monday, March 7, 2011

fixed my pear pin cushion

We had a very nice weekend--did some shopping for the important things on my list--and then some. My husband, son and my husband's brother went to the sports dome to  hit golf balls. I went to Chapter's with the sister in law for tea and then we did some shopping. At the fabric shop I bought mostly batiks that I can use in my art quilts.
I picked up these curtains for half price at the Wicker Emporium. I meant them to go in my dining room but stuck them up in my living room window for now.

We had a really nice supper with my son and his fiance on Saturday night at a place called the Zen Garden . I had a hot and sour soup with a stuffed dumpling. The others had the soup and then a bento box meal with assorted things like veggies, kimbap, and noodles. Usually we see them about twice a year because they live 6 hours away. It was a  lovely idea to meet sort of halfway. We made plans for a camping vacation in the summer.
Now, I 'm stuck home today in the midst of another huge snowstorm. I decided  this might be a good time to try doing a fast. We have been getting into the yoga and I've been reading about it. On advice from one website I tried vegetable juice for the first time rather than water. It didn't go so well. I checked my sugars twice and by noon even after lots of water and juice it was too low, so I had steal cut oats with fruit around 1pm. I also was very dizzy and now I'm developing a terrible headaches,. I don't think fasting is the best thing for me with my adrenal and blood sugar problems.

I did manage to keep busy by vacuuming early this morning and then I  took the pear pin cushion apart and fixed that, but now I'm going to have to go stretch out with a book for a while.

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Lana C. said...

My personal opinion is...Don't Fast!! My Endo had once told me, years ago, that I could never fast or do an Atkins diet because we need the minerals, additional fluids and carbs for the brain power to combat the other issues caused by fluctuating blood pressure, etc., I did try to drink more vegie-juicer-machine recipes that were delicious and several different fruit smoothie recipies, but a fast might be too altering for your system. Anyway, I LOVE THE PEAR PIN-CUSHION!!!!! I have to know if you make these and if you do...what shapes, etc. do you make. I'd LOVE to buy one from you!!!!
Lana C.