Friday, March 4, 2011

friday errands and lunch with friends

I'm heading out in  while for a doctor's appointment, a couple of errands and lunch at the usual cafe with some friends. My husband also took the day off and this afternoon we may do some snowshoeing if it's warm enough. Tomorrow, we are driving the 2 hours to Moncton to meet my son and his girlfriend and will be back on Sunday. I'm hoping to get to a fabric store, Michaels and Chapters at least.
Yesterday, my friend Nicole came for  lunch and a little visit. Isn't it wonderful to get together with your creative friends? We are just so happy and the air just sparkles with ideas. About 10 minutes after she left, I noticed this little wool bird hanging from my shelf. She had sneaked it there when I wasn't looking.

After she left, I free motion stitched on the appliqued birds, added a little paint for the rose color on the breast, and then I curled up with a Quilting Arts DVD and started the hand embellishing. The only thing I didn't finish machine stitching was the brown, as I have to wait until I go to Moncton tomorrow to get some brown thread.

Finally, a fellow fiber artist expressed a wish to see my seahorse in a little more detail, so I tried to take another picture and crop it a little more. I think I mentioned before that it started with a gelatin print, then I stamped the seahorse with a foam stamp that I made. Also, some of the sea weed is printed form real dried seaweed. At that stage I back it with stabilizer, do some thread painting, then add the batting, quilt it and embellish in the final step.

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Wendy said...

Love your bird...that is so Nicole! Enjoy the trip to Moncton...some good deals at the Fabric Cupboard. Gutermann Thread was on 50% off to members at Fabricville.