Sunday, May 2, 2021

Another baby quilt, birds, plants and a SAQA acceptance

I was notified yesterday that 2 of my pieces have been juried into the SAQA Atlantic show Commotion which will open in June in Sidney Cape Breton and will travel for 2 years.

Tangled Wildflowers

Birches in Fall  Petticoats

It’s been a busy week, as always; I keep my projects going to pass the time and ease my anxiety. 

I’m taking an extended learning course through NSCAD in Halifax, NS called Outdoor Art and Documentation. We have a meeting and class on Monday nights and then there is homework. I needed to document an outdoor spot, recording feelings, sounds and sights so I went over to the trail near my house. I could have used my own backyard but I had something in mind on the trail.

A colour palette

Tree patterns and pussy willows with a short verse

Having been a couple months since my last hip injection, the pain is worsening. I kept my steps to less than 500 on the trail but even that proved too much. Last night was pain filled and today I’m recovering. I’m going to get referred for another injection although I’m not sure how long it will take.

My seedlings continue to grow under the light and I’m hoping I can soon get some of the cooler weather ones moved out. I do have a portable hothouse that we’ll put on the deck and one of the raised beds is ready. We’ll add hoops and plastic over it to start.

Something really exciting and hopeful is that my husband suggested a mobility scooter and we are looking at them. It would give me so much more freedom and would change my life. 

I’ve been working a bit after supper since it’s light now and I’ve sewn the blocks for another baby quilt. It’s looks like black but it’s actually a navy blue.

This is the finished twined quilt top.

I sat down this afternoon to add the final grasses and dandelions onto the cow piece. These are some bits of the thread lace ones I made using free motion on hooped netting and solvable stabilizer which I then cut apart.

I’m ready now to add batting and a bit of quilting. My new iron has decided to quit so it’ll have to wait as it needs pressing. I buy cheaper irons because I can be rough on them with my mixed media work but they usually last a couple years at least. This one is at most a couple of months old.

We are missing our grandsons and really hope things will open by summer. We haven’t seen them since September and as they do, they are growing and changing so much.

Ollie 4yrs

Gussie 13 months

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