Thursday, May 6, 2021

Some knitting and more baby quilts

My fiber art pieces lay waiting for me. Sometimes for a week or two I feel a slight apathy with no creative energy. I’m up and down. Do you feel it too? I suspect part of it has to do with my physical health and another part to do with the times as I do feel some stress with everything occasionally. It all just gets to you I think. When  I’m having lows I do more traditional no brainer quilting like the 9 patch baby quilt that I just finished.

Then, I had a bag of these semi circle off cuts left over from the drunkard’s path that I made. I chose a two color border for each piece which will be sewn into circles. Nothing too taxing.

When finished, I’ll have 1 girl quilt and 2 boys quilt tops. Next then, I’ll be thinking of a girl’s quilt top. I have lots of nieces and nephews in my family and there’ll still be more babies to come I’m sure.

It’s actually snowing at the moment; it has been all day and we’ve got a couple of inches which I know will melt but still!

My current knitting projects are still a pair of socks for my husband and a pretty summery lap robe which I’ll send to my mum who spends her days in a wheelchair.

It’s made with a cotton blend, Caron’s cotton cakes and I love the feel of it. 

Tomorrow, a salesman is bringing me 2 mobility scooters to try out and I’m rather excited to see how they feel with my hip.

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