Thursday, May 13, 2021

Robins, Mariner’s Compass quilt, the cow, and some knitting

The foliage here is just beginning to show green. There is still lots of grey bur it’s slowly changing. 

Turkey’s Foot lichens.

I’m not sure what this is though it is a tree,

Fiddleheads. Do you love them?

We’ve had a bit of a standoff with a male robin who sees himself in my studio and window and thinks he’s defending his territory but smacking his breast against the reflection. 

Nothing worked to dissuade him until my husband put up a masking tape grid on the window where he was hitting and so far it’s working.

Shaking his tale in warning.

This afternoon, I’ve been sitting in my studio watching podcasts and stitching the binding on the Mariners Compass quilt that I started many years ago. It feels so good to get it done. I think I’d like to give it to my son and wife who live in Lunenburg, NS.

Some of it is quilted with the utility stitch and also a Greta deal with a regular finer stitch in the center.

I’m resting after having driven the hour to Campbellton this morning to have another spinal injection done. There’s no driving for 24 hours and resting. For 24 hrs which is pretty easy!

We’re having a few things in our kitchen changed. A couple of cupboards, a new counter top and painting. The painter was in this morning to do the trim and the back stairs. He left when we got home. I can’t wait to see the new peachy color that will go in the kitchen.

We had the over the fridge cabinet changed to come out further and it will have metal dividers for trays and pans.

This is a new little cupboard added in the dining area which will be white and left open for a few collectibles that I still use.

Yesterday I did most of the background quilting on the cow so it’s almost done.

I’m knitting on this cotton blend sweater for the 1 yr old grand son, Gussie. Top down and pretty simple.

I hope wherever you are that things are looking up or will be soon. How is your week going? 💜

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