Friday, April 16, 2021

A bag and working on the cow.

This is a link to my latest short video. I'm not sure if it'll work but you can find it by clicking on the YouTube icon in my sidebar. It's about a short excursion that I take to do a sketch.


I started following a blogger called 'agile jack' after I talked to a friend who was making a bag following her tutorial. She uses orphan blocks and 'crumbs' of bright color fabrics as well as some black and whites to make what she calls a Frankenbag. 

I took one of my Gelli prints off my wall and decided to use it to do one. Using an xzacto knife I cut out the pink fireweed from fused interfacing which I then ironed onto the print.

Then, I chose a black and white to border it.

I'm going to add piano keys to onesie to start bring the whole piece to measure 17 by 17".

She has an excellent tutorial here.


I also got the cow attached to the background and can now start some foreground dandelions.

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