Sunday, February 9, 2020

Our guild retreat

Last Thursday night, I seemed to be getting a sore throat and didn’t feel great. I thought I would miss retreat; however, after a good nights sleep I felt fine and decided to go. Only problem was we were in the midst of a snow storm and my husband was away in Labrador. I packed as sparsely as I could. I needed the CPAPP, medications, overnight bag, my chair, projects and my machine. With a bad back and 6” or so of snow down it was difficult.  We were only a few km’s from my home though but still it was a feat. 

Once there, I didn’t have to leave until today (Sunday). Our retreats are held at the resource center behind the college which used to be a nun’s residence. The rooms are tiny and sparse - just big enough for a single bed, a small dresser, IKEA rocker and a sink.

We only go there to rest or at night and surprisingly I find its simplicity quite comfortable and cozy. Can’t say I’d like to live there as the nuns would have though.

All our meals and snacks are prepared for us; all we have to do is sew and rest and eat, lol. At night I would watch a downloaded movie on my IPad while knitting in my room or I read. I think there were about 38 of is making for lots of chatting and laughter.

That is my spot on the left.

This is my quilt. It may end up as 5 blocks by 8 or bigger depending on if I decide on a border or not. Also, I finished a couple small things, my chickadee for one, which I’ll take pic of this week.

Here are a few other quilts in progress.

I came home around 1:30 on today.  Hubby came over to help me load the car. This was the scene at home.

I unpacked some, took a walk, showered and now I’m resting.

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