Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Making selvedge fabric

We arrived home last night from a lovely weekend at my son's and his fiance's place in Hampton, NB. They had just brought home a second puppy the day before. Of course I have to show you some pictures. The black/grey one is an Aussie-doodle, about 9 months old, I think, and the golden one is a standard poodle, 7 weeks old. Just like a grand mama I think they're the best, lol.

We've never been able to have dogs because of asthma and allergies but these ones are anti allergenic and my son and I have no problem with them at all. I enjoyed  lots of cuddles.

They are both very affectionate and seem to be getting along well together.

As for my art projects, I'm in between right now. I know what I want to do, but I must get to the copy shop to enlarge my pattern. In the meantime, I'm playing with the selvedge edges, getting an idea how many I might need to make a sewing machine cover. I've measured and cut a base fabric from muslin and started sewing down a few strips.
I've got about 6" by 17" and need almost 30" by 17". I can see that I'll have to collect more selvedges and so this may be an ongoing project.

 I ventured outside this morning long enough to hang a line of clothes. It's -10C! My plan was to go out and put together a swag from some branches that I've collected, but I decided it was too cold. Tomorrow, I go to yoga and the gift shop so we'll see Thursday.
My outdoor lights are done except for the swag. I haven't started any inside decorating. The days just don't seem long enough!


Mystic Quilter said...

What a good idea making a cover for the sewing machine out of the selvedges! Love your grand-doggies.

What Comes Next? said...

the grand doggies are beautiful! I can just imagine the snuggles and cuddles with them! -10 is a tad on the chilly side for me - brrrrrrrr! Good luck getting your decorating done!

Robbie said...

I enjoy seeing your art work but LOVE seeing the dogs!! How adorable!

LynneP said...

Love the idea of a sewing machine cover made from selvedges-very FUN!