Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Arranging the rocks

It's a grey day here, neither cold nor warm, just damp. I hung out a line of bedding and light clothing as the weather forecast was for some sun which has yet to appear. It is soon time to bring them in. Oh well, they'll still smell fresh.

I baked this morning, some pumpkin chocolate chip squares. I used fresh pumpkin. I figure just about anything is good if it has chocolate in it. I think that's about it for my Christmas cooking.
My days are pleasantly full, but not manic. My family gifts are mailed, the rest done. I'm finishing up the last of these booties.

I've decided to start  being mindful of what I'm eating and I've been recording everything I eat in the APP, My Fitness Pal. On the weekend I picked up a new little blender for smoothies and I've started having a green smoothie for breakfast. It's all good with my doctor. I'm still having a very small healthy snack mid morning and after checking my blood sugars, all was good.

I'm continuing to walk, do yoga, swim, and workout on the Bowflex. I know it's sort of a crazy time to start  but this is my Christmas present to myself this year.

Since I've no company coming and we're going away, I've little decorating to do. Some of my small collection of antique ornaments makes me happy dangling from ribbons in my kitchen window.

I like to put a few of my favorite snowmen around as they can stay out for a while.

I've been picking away at appliqueing the rock formations on my Tetagouche Hill piece. I cut out a piece of rocky fabric because I think it makes a nice background. Most of it will be covered or cut away in the end. Overlaid on top is the pattern traced onto a plastic sleeve. I clipped it to the paper and the fabric.

Using tweezers and the pattern as a guide, I'm carefully applying the rocks from back to front.
It's a bit tedious but totally absorbing. I'm into it right now. Lots of work left though. It's a nice little puzzle to walk into the studio and pick up when there's time.

At lunch time today, in the space of a few minutes, I had 3 visitors to the suet. The hairy woodpecker, a bluejay, and a nuthatch.
It is time now to go make a light snack and have a cup of tea before I start dinner.

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Mystic Quilter said...

The rocks are looking good and I guess tweezers are a necessity with these small pieces. Your decorations hanging in the window look lovely and what a good idea - I must try it!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Rocks look fantastic!! You take beautiful pictures Holly....very talented. Merry

Mereknits said...

Holly, your days seem very busy and filled with so much to do. Love those slippers. Hope your thumb is better. Sending you a big hug,

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, I can't wait to get back to my rock puzzle too. Very nice progress! I clip my layers together too but I also clip those layers too a piece of plastic board...quite sturdy.. I love your hanging ornaments and snowmen. I think we would be great neighbours....the birds make my day but we don't seem to have any nuthatches here. So much to comment on. Keep it up with those smoothies, yoga and just plain being healthy. Naïf we don't have our health we can't create!

Susanbeingsnippy said...

Love the way your projects are coming along! you photographed the birds so well, I could almost touch them -- I put a suet cage out in my yard last year, but raccoons would steal the whole thing! I have to find a way to dissuade them!