Thursday, April 25, 2013

Zippered pouch

This morning I did some paperwork. I'm working on another article to come out later in the summer, I think. Then I had lunch with a friend, sewed a bit, went for a walk and did a few minutes of tidy work in the garden. We've still got some patches of snow, especially in the backyard, but I will be able to start raking and mulching.
I put the zippered pouch together though I still have to cut the zipper and make the tab.

I gave it a press and top stitched the edge; however, I'm not perfectly happy with it. You can see if you look closely that there seem to be tiny puckers along the lining edge. I like things to look neatly done if I'm selling them, so I plan to pick out the stitches, give it a good press and do it again. Since I wanted to get outside, I left it for today.
The bag measures about 7" by 11" with a depth of about 3 1/2" at the bottom.


Gill said...

It's fabulous Holly!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

So very pretty Holly

Glenda M said...

Beautiful Holly the colors are beautiful.

imquilternity said...

It's gorgeous!

LynneP said...