Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Summer days, gardening, pickling, sketching, stamp making, sewing, crocheting

I have been oh so busy and involved in my life — getting my mojo back. I’ve been gardening although I’m restricting my time outside in the heat and humidity. Gord put new rails on the deck (our little one is coming next week) and it looks so much better. It’s easier to see the garden too.

The radishes are one of my first harvests.

Yesterday, I made  a small jar of my favourite Vietnamese style pickled radish. Oh so good.

This week I started my 5th week at Crossfit  and so far I’m really enjoying it. The workouts are adapted for beginners and everyday is different with such a variety of exercises.  Fun! I went today at 12 and then had this for lunch.

This morning, I made a few large flying geese (5 by 10” ) to go in the side panels of the twin size swoon quilt. The design  wall is not yet hung and I’m only able to show the central part for now. As it gets further along I’ll try to get a picture with it laid out flat.

The bag with my Gelli print Artwork on front is done except for the top stitching along the outer rim.

Since my garden is central to my days right now, I’m thinking about some artwork using some of my flower motifs. With my tea after lunch, I started making some foam stamps using the Columbine motif that I’ve been using recently. This is a recent paper collage with stitching added.

For the first stamp I drew into craft foam with a pencil. This will make great background texture both for printing on a painted piece of muslin and for Gelli printing.

I tried another one using a low temp glue gun but the paint wouldn’t stay on the ridges.

I’ve done it before. It must have been the hot glue gun as it works great. I’ll try a very fine sanding and a coat of gesso to see what happens.

All these things I will slowly gather to use as texture on painted muslin backgrounds. Here I’ve cut a couple of motifs from fusible backed fabrics, auditioning them on a small piece of a Gelli print.

Last but not least a new crochet project — a throw in my bedroom and living room colors. It’s done double with Red Heart so goes quickly.

The colors are actually a little softer than the picture. It’s been a while since I crocheted anything and I’m quite enjoying it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your garden looks lovely! Pickled radishes sound intriguing - not something I've tried (yet). And your new projects look fun - I'm especially intrigued with the columbines you're working with.

Angela said...

Love the paper collage!