Monday, July 23, 2018

Finally some rain, but sauna like

On the weekend it was sunny and I spent time with hubby at the beach swimming and kayaking. We are so blessed to be near warm ocean waters. (The Bay of Chaleur)

And doing a little sketching in my journal later.

Oh my, it’s finally raining today; the gardens, lawns and forests desperately needed it. The humidity is so high, it feels positively sauna like out there. I went out for my Crossfiit and stayed inside for much of the day. I’ve been making stamps and stencils and painting on fabric.

I did some stencils with the glue gun this morning.

Using the end of my radishes from the garden, I made Vietnamese refrigerator radishes.

I’m not much for pickles; however, these are light and crisp. It just takes a few on a salad, a wrap or with meat.

This afternoon, I’ve been painting, stamping and printing fabric. I didn’t have to worry about my hubby for supper and this is what happens!

Some of the journal pages where I cleaned the brayers and leftover paints on stamps I like very much.

Makes me wish it was fabric!

Here are two more on fabric.

I’ve no idea yet how I will use them. I am itching to get to my machine though.

On the knitting/crocheting front, I finished this double stranded crocheted ripple.

My swoon quilt which is to go to my mom in assisted living came back to me from the machine quilter. 

The dragonfly pattern is sweet.

And finally, I picked up this little panel and pattern for a small quilt. I thought I’d make it baby Quilt size. My daughter though says  my grandson Ollie would like it so I’ve ordered the larger owl pictured in the lap size quilt.

If you’re in the heat wave areas, I hope you’re finding ways to cool off. Perhaps you’re inside creating?


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Finally got some rain here too - thankfully. Not enough though so hope there will be more. Regarding the journal pages you wish were fabric....could you scan them and print them onto fabric? They'd only be the size that your printer would accommodate but at least they'd be fabric!

Margaret said...

Rainy and cool here the last couple of days -- great for quilting.

Looking at your stamping, quilting and so forth, I can see your favourite colour palate play out!!