Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Less sewing, more gardening

An easing in the humidity meant more comfortable temps today. After making a beef barley soup and delivering it to an under the weather friend, I was able to  sew a sample block for an I Spy quilt before heading out to do a little gardening. 

I’m sure you could guess it will be for my grandson, Ollie. I’ve been waiting and collecting awhile to make one of these.

I noticed through my studio window that the raised bed was looked parched so I headed outside. My rain barrel levels are nearing the bottom. the thunder storms missed us last night. At least I’ve been using a bucket to fill my watering can from the kiddie pool rather than dump it out.

Since it was not as hot today, I took some time to do some much needed weeding near the veggies around the deck and around the apple tree.

I also did a little clean up in this new little space along the shed.

I really enjoy strolling around the yard to see how much the plants have grown and picking a few here and there, just enough for a delicate table top bouquet.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Your garden looks like such a pretty oasis - and the flowers are just the kind I like. I do miss our garden at this time of the year, but I don't miss the work!

Catherine said...

I would love the recipe or a link to a recipe for your beef barley soup. I am trying to encourage my mother to eat some nutritious food after a recent illness. It sounds just the thing.
Your garden is looking beautiful

Eska Windows from Poland said...

Your garden is amazing! <3