Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Grandsons visit

These past few days I’ve been busy with my daughter and 1 1/2yr old grandson Ollie who were visiting from Prince Edward Island. We spent a lot of the time outdoors—at the beach and in our yard, with a quick early morning trip to the park nearby. It was very hot and muggy.

A highlight for me was a CrossFit workout with my daughter yesterday. It was very hot though and we’d not had a lot of sleep the night before with Ollie up in the night. I had to have a nap mid afternoon when he did.

It was even too hot for too much outside water play. As I write this, I can scarcely believe the visit is over. They left this morning and I distracted myself by cleaning a bit, going to CrossFit at 11 and sewing this afternoon.

I’m putting together the 3 Swoon  blocks into a twin size quilt which I plan to give my mom to use in the home. I need to get it ready soon while she can still maybe remember I made it. She tells everyone that she made the pillows that I made.

The picture isn’t perfect as we haven’t yet hung my design wall. At the moment it will finish at 50 by 72” and I’m wondering about adding one more small strip to each side besides another blue one.

We’re looking forward already to our next visit but at the same time not wishing for summer to pass too quickly.


Robbie said...

I still remember those nap days!!! So looked forward to quiet time! HA

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Spending time with grandkids is THE best (even when Grandma needs a nap). One of ours lives fairly close but the other is all the way out on the west coast so the only way we see him is on Skype. Glad we have it, but not the same as real live hugs and kisses! Your quilt is so pretty - love the pattern.