Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Thread stitching Sea Life

What hot, muggy weather we’ve been having! We finally got some much needed rain on the weekend and I thought relief was coming but it’s been slowly heating up again. I go to the gym, come home and shower, water the necessary plants and stay inside to sew.

My daughter, her partner and little one were here for a visit over the weekend. We were able to get in some beach time. Anytime we were home, all he wanted to do was go ‘side’ and play with the water toys on the deck. I think he enjoyed that the most.

He watered everything in sight! It was hard to say goodbye but we will see him again in a couple weeks when we go to PEI for a weekend at the family cottage.

I’ve been so anxious to get back to some feee motion stitching and today I finally finished up the paint details on the undersea Gelli printed piece, so I could get to the machine. It’s hard to know when to stop with the paint (Neocolor II crayons). I want a little gradation in value but at the same time don’t want to lose the lightness against the darker water. I also added a few tiny fish if you look very closely.

The same applies to the stitching on the seaweeds. I want to add some definition and line without losing the lights. I may add a bit more gold stitching to the larger plant on the left. Then I will finish the background water which should help the fish pop a little.

It’s really fun to start pulling out some of my fibers for embellishing.

After I’ve machine coached a few of the fibers to look like seaweed, I’ll be ready for some hand embellishing, something I haven’t done in a while and I’ve been wishing for.

During none sewing times, often with a cup of tea after a meal, I’ve been drawing a few more designs using the Amaziograph APP. I print them out and use them to make foam stamps and sometimes screens for printing. I like to use them on journal pages and in combination with my sketches.


Ideas inspire new ideas. Next time, I would tear an uneven shape from the painted black and white design to soften the edge. 

I’ve been taking pictures of my garden to save for future inspiration in the winter.

Yesterday, I caught a family of grackles splashing about in one of my found glass bird baths that I’ve been making.


Angela said...

Lovely work as always!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I could see that design done up in zentangling - a multitude of uses I think! And nothing's cuter than a wee one with some water in a watering can.

rtquilter said...

Looks like you enjoyed a visit with your Oliver ! We've just had OURs and his little bro, Martin and our daughter and husband. It was VERY hard to say goodbye! Looks like your poppies are thriving!! I like the little sea piece you are working on! Hope you'll show the finished product! Stay cool and hydrated!