Sunday, June 24, 2018

A little gardening, stitching and bead embellishing

Yesterday, was a day doing errands, visiting the in laws at the beach and going for a small kayak while there.

The wild peas were in bloom and I brought home a piece picked near where the cars park that served as a little fresh centrepiece and as a subject for sketching after dinner.

 I planned for a rainy day today when I would spend the day in my studio. While it was grey, there was a breeze but no rain. Hubby was putting new rails on our small deck and I went out to do a few little gardening chores. We walked around the yard a bit talking about where I might put a small hosta that needed planting and Gord mentioned how he’d like to remove the small bit of grass in the back corner between the garden and two blueberry plants in front between which the mower wouldn’t fit. 

I’d told myself in early spring to simplify and have less gardens to look after. That didn’t last long!

I expanded by about a foot and a half in the back left corner. It curves outward now rather than inward. It is all perennials that are there at least and I tell myself if it ever becomes too much, we can simply haul it out and grass it.

After lunch, I headed to my studio. First, I put together the lining for my bag. it’s ready to put together as soon as I make the straps.

Then I sat with a cup of tea and finished sewing the beads onto the postcard. I think I’ll add the scraps of lace when I sit down to Quilt it and finish the edge.

While I had the beads out I threaded a few to be glued around the arm of the garden fairy that I made at a workshop at the Fiber Fest in Amherst last year. I’m in the process of adding some embellishments before she goes out to the garden— maybe a dragonfly or butterfly in the hand. The hands are not nearly as finessed as the teachers, so I’m looking to cover them a bit.

That’s my weekend just about wrapped up. I think I’ll stretch out for a short read before hubby returns from the golf course.


Janice Smith said...

It seems as if you had a perfectly lovely weekend. Your bag is coming along nicely; will you be embellishing it with beads as you are doing with the postcard???

Robbie said...

What a wonderful, relaxing and inviting post! The pictures sure are worth a thousand words! Beautiful work too!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! A little bit of outside and a little bit of inside - perfect. Love your garden fairy - she's sure to help your plants grow I'm sure.

karen said...

that was a glorious weekend! you have a lovely garden and the bag you are making would be perfect for lots of yarn projects :)