Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cosmos and a nest

We had another beautiful spring day here around 1C and sunny this afternoon. My friend and I are trying to make the best use of our snow. We're still trying new trails with the snowshoes. We went for 1 1/2hrs this morning. After visiting with the in laws, I was able to scoot into my sewing studio. Knowing that supper would be leftovers, I was able to stay until hubby got hungry, lol. This is the view as I'm sewing. 
In summer it is lush and green with flowers and veggies. Yesterday, I was thinking of my flowers and sketching on one of my painted journal pages--cosmos.
It led me to pull out a small piece I started last fall. I had to see how it would look with fused cosmos and a bit of stitching. I want this to be a background for bees and dragonflies, something I got into making last summer.
I know, as usual, I'm jumping around a lot but sometimes when an idea comes, I have to test it. Then I know how I'll proceed and I'll be satisfied that the 'thought' won't disappear into the mist. A couple weeks ago, I had been working on chickadees with a tree and a nest and something wasn't working for me. I put it aside but at my guild sewing day yesterday while flipping through pics on the I Pad, I saw a photo of the chickadees with the background and my first instant thought was that I liked it. I determined that I'd get it out today and progress with it. See where it goes.
I added more paint to the background and the nest and a few snippets of dark fabric. I added a stiff interfacing, hooped it, and started stitching some of the black shadows.
I will add other lighter colors to the nest simulating the bits of grass and moss.
Once that's done, I will add fusible appliqué trees and branches.
This gives you an idea of where I'm going. It will be white birches.  Have you had a good weekend with some creative time?  


Linda H said...

Yes, blooms in the garden seem a long way off, don't they with all this snow still hanging around... Love seeing your creative process...

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh two beautiful pieces coming along there - I love birch trees so I'm looking forward to watching this one come together.

Sandi said...

Sounds like the spark to get you started is burning bright for both pieces. Soon you will be enjoying the real flowers, not photos and sketches!

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm loving the progression of both pieces.