Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Domestic creativity

Currently, I'm having a little respite from fiber art. Some of my mundane sewing repairs and odd jobs were adding up. I'm in between pieces so its a good time to catch up on these things. My artwork is never completely oiut of mind though. I picture new processes and how i might approach a new piece when i walk or swim--speaking of which--i may go back tomorrow for the first time in a while. My shoulder is healing well. Before physio this morning, made muffins. Banana, oatmeal, blueberry. I dropped a couple off along with books to a sick friend.
In my studio, I put up new shear curtains for the summer. The snow has gone down a couple of feet, but as you can see, we still have lots. 
After lunch, I made a gelatin mold using a recipe  I found for a 'permanent' one on Pinterest. I wanted to try it since im teaching a printing workshop in May in Port Elgin, NB. Also, its a bit bigger than my purchased Gelli.
Our local yarn shop is closing soon and the nearest one is about 2 1/2hrs away. Ive been stocking up a bit. Several of us ordered a bag each in assorted color ways to make a sweater.
Believe it or not they're all one color way. I gave up on making my own swearers a while ago but I've seen a couple of these done and i think it will suit me.( i hope) The owner alerted us by facebook this morning that she'd just received a sock yarn shipment, her last, so i had to run down after lunch. They will go fast.
When i got home from guild sewing day last Saturday, I randomly put the pieces of a baby quilt up on the design wall.
  I can see that i will need a few more blocks with light centers. Before the next sewing day, I'd like to have all the blocks done so i can get them arranged and start putting it together.
Ive been out for a walk and made my afternoon snack. After posting this I'll read a bit.
The book is good! It's a fictional story inspired by the artist Andrew Wyeth and his painting, Christina's World. The setting is a mid century farmhouse on the coast of Maine. As you can see, im never at a loss for something to do!  I'm linking over at The Needle and Thread Network. The address is below but i have yet to figure out how to add it as a link on this new blogger platform im using, Blogpad Pro. http://needleandthreadnetwork.blogspot.ca/2017/04/wip-wednesday-283-tn.html


Sally Hurley said...

Baby quilt looks pretty cool! The muffins look delicious.

Mystic Quilter said...

You have been busy!!! Tasty looking muffins and new sheers! Don't you hate it when the nearest yarn or fabric shop closes down, I have had the same problem here and quite often I order online. I wonder who the new baby quilt is for!!!! Love the design.

Jo Ferguson said...

It's too bad your yarn store is closing. We just lost our local quilt shop and I miss them. Lots of lovely projects on the go and the muffins look great.

Annette Schultz said...

I made a gelliplate a couple years ago and it's still in great shape. You are sure finding a few great ways to spend time as your shoulder heals.
In stitches