Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Cosmos, baby sweater and socks

We are back from our babysitting stint with Ollie. He's almost 4 months and still a good baby. We really had fun even though it wore us out.
I could never have done it alone. Grampie did most of the lifting, got up in the night nad changed most of his diapers. He didn't want to let him go.
We even managed to take him out on errands and for a walk two days in a row. In the grocery store we laughed at ourselves because  we'd forgotten to even brush our hair, lol. In the book store he spit up and luckily I had Kleenex in my pocket. We'd forgotten the diaper bag in the car. The life of a grandparent. While I was there, in between baby time, cooking or cleaning, I knit on a new pair of socks and made a baby sweater minus the sleeves.
Today, I stayed home, unpacking, washing clothes, and doing a bit of paper work in the morning, even squeezing in some rowing just before lunch. I updated my mono printing workshop info and posted on Facebook. I'm excited to be giving it at the Spruce It Up quilt shop in Port Elgin on May 13th.
I will be organizing and packing for the workshop for the next few weeks. After lunch, I did what I think is the last of the stitching on the cosmos and backed it with batting. I've done so much stitching that I'm not sure exactly how I'll quilt it! It'll keep it minimal if I can-- I always have a hard time to stop.
You may see the stitching in the detail.
Now, it needs a few dragonflies. For supper, I took a bottle of turkey broth and meat from the freezer, to which I just added carrots, sweet potato, green onions, and brown rice. I even have corn bread muffins from the freezer. I need to do a couple errands this week but I really wanted a day of down time.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Little Ollie is at a cute age, just starting to explore lots of things.

I love your cosmos. I really need to plant some this year.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Holly, little one is adorable!!! And I love your work...cosmos are stunning

Angela said...

You are going to be in Ontario! Cool, that you are doing a workshop here! I really want to start doing more workshops.

Jo Ferguson said...

Loving the baby sweater and the Cosmos but Ollie steals the show.