Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Stitching cosmos and knitting

I'm writing a quick post. Instead of packing, I've been stitching on the cosmos, adding highlights, darks for definition and dimension here and there and a bit of sparkle.
Putting it on screen really helps me to see where I want to add.
I'm trying not so much for realism as fantasy. It's meant to be fun. I've been listening to CBC classical radio and stitching. When I should have been packing! Going to see our little one tomorrow. We're going to babysit for 2 nights. So excited! This is a little dragonfly from another piece. I will have to make a few more.
Here are my last socks finished, except for darning in the ends.
And here are the ones I'm starting. They have a lacy edge and colors that say spring.
Now I really must get packing! 


Sally Hurley said...

Oh, love the flowers! And the socks. I can see why you'd rather work on those.

Jo Ferguson said...

The Cosmos are beautiful and I love the addition of the dragonflies. Beautiful socks!!!

What Comes Next? said...

Pretty pretty cosmos! Beautiful socks, too.