Tuesday, April 4, 2017


It is sunny with spring like temperatures again today and it hasn't yet rained on the snow. We may get it tomorrow. Conditions in the morning were perfect.  My friend Alma and I have been getting out when we can and trying new trails. Friends took us today on a winding, hilly (some pretty steep ones) 3.5km trail to 'Don's Inn'.  In the woods the air was crispy and cool with excellent snow conditions. We stopped for a rest and a snack at the hut before heading back.
It sure doesn't look like spring, does it? After being confined for so long, I'm just happy to get out. I don't have Ollie pictures but I do have a pic of a pair of leggings my daughter did this morning. She has sewn only a bit off and on but seems to be able to tackle anything.
We're going to look for some fun prints. After our hike, I had to take Tylenol, and apply some heat while I had a light lunch. This was around 2:30.  I haven't taken Tylenol in a while so it made me dopey but I headed to the sewing studio with my tea. I wasn't sure what I'd do. As you can see I can make a mess! Sorry, the window makes the picture dark. You get the idea.
Love being able to get bedding and clothes on the line again. I spent a good hour sewing the stalks and adding a bit of light to a few flowers. I'm not nearly done; however, I stopped to cut the flower centres. Note, they'll look much better when I stitch onto them.
It's meant to be a purely fun piece. I'll add more fronds, finish the cosmos, and maybe a few other flowers on bottom. It will need some dragonflies and bees. Well, I've done it now-- put my feet up to write this. I don't think I'll accomplish much more than supper, getting the clothes in, and some knitting later.


Jo Ferguson said...

You managed to accomplish a lot. I'm happy that you're getting more time outside. It's good for the soul.

Angela said...

It is a fun piece! And so cheerful!