Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gelatin printing

You'd think with hubby away this week that I'd have been creating all kinds of art with lots to blog about, but not so. It has been both a satisfying and frustrating week. I vowed to get most of the prep done for my workshop and it is. Little kits all put together. White cotton fabric is cut, lists made, notes typed. Yes, this is good.
I continue to add exercise daily, rowing, walking and finally now that the shoulder is healed, some swimming.  Last week, i was getting stressed over all of the mundane sewing that was piling up. I decided to put my fiber art aside and get some repairs done. I have put elastic into pjs, sewn a bathroom curtain, and made other clothing repairs. All good. Just for fun, i wanted to try some monoprints  and the gelatin mold that I'd seen on Linda Germain's blog using two colors and two steps with the gelatin mold. My first attempts didnt work at all. She was using ink and paper. I used fabric paint and white cotton. The results were a bit blurred and not inspiring.
The clean up on my journal pages was better than the fabric prints.
At least I'll have some nice pages to draw and journal onto.
Then i went back to her post and rewatched the video. Aha, I'd left out a step. This afternoon, I decided to try again. Still the results were less than inspiring.
The under layer of paint doesn't stay moist enough to transfer.
There should be color in the white areas. 
A small bit of gold shows here.
I'm using Setacolor fabric paints. When I search on line, I can't find an additive that would extend the drying time. This will require more research. I'll need to call a Canadian supplier to see what they recommend. Maybe, ill need to try a different brand of paint. Its not a complete loss. The prints are all useable. I can, add color, print on top, and free motion stitch to bring them alive to use in lots of small projects. I like it though--who doesn't--when the print is revealed as one pulls back the fabric from the gelatin mold and it makes me smile. 


Mystic Quilter said...

Isn't it so frustrating when you have an idea you would like to go with but it doesn't work quite as you would like! I must begin to use my Gelliplate, I have actually had this for two years, still in the case!

Jo Ferguson said...

The kits for the workshop look wonderful. I'm glad you share your experiments, even if you're not thrilled with with the results, they still inspire me. You're right, the fabric still has lots of potential. Those journal pages are gorgeous.