Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A finish-- Ferns and Lace

I'd like to announce that I'll be giving a one day workshop, Monoprinting, on May 13th in Port Elgin at the Spruce It Up quilt shop. You can find them or the owner, Lorette Bellefleur Cole both on Facebook. We will be using a gelatin mold, fabric, paints, dried flowers, stamps, and textural elements to produce personalized pieces something like the piece below. The cost is $60 which will include the paints. A materials list will be provided upon registration.
The resulting fabric can be used to make art quilts or can be cut up  and sewn into little gifts such as the needle cases featured in Quilting Arts magazine, October/November 2016.
I'm sort of having one of those days--you know the kind where it feels like you're taking one step forward and two steps back. This morning I had an appointment to get the baby seat checked in the car. My husband couldn't figure out how to get it tight enough nor could the Mountie. He did show me how it was to be done and a friend told me about a good video so I think we can do it now. Then I went to pick up glycerin that I needed to make a homemade gelatin printing plate.  I planned to get that made before lunch and head to the sewing studio. In my usual way, I didn't read the recipe until I got home and hadn't bought enough. It will have to wait as I'm not planning another outing tomorrow. Before sitting at the machine and finishing the floral piece, I cut and laid out all the strips for my birch tree piece. I ironed down all the strips but the white trees are just lying there to give me an idea of how it will look.
I will draw out the tree pattern onto fused fabric.
Here is the finished -- I think-- Ferns and Lace. When I look back at the unstitched piece at the beginning of this post, I almost like it better. Hmm...
I still have to add a binding. I'm auditioning one on the right edge. Detail:
Message or email me for workshop info. Or look up the shop on fb. I had to switch blogging platforms and have yet to figure out how to add a link. Some research is needed.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like it both ways but think I prefer the stitched version. It is always a gamble adding things to a piece.

Jo Vandermey said...

Beautiful work.

Jo Ferguson said...

Ferns and Lace is a gorgeous piece. I wish I lived closer so I could join in on your workshop.

KaHolly said...

Your work is gorgeous! Like Jo, I wish I lived closer!