Wednesday, March 22, 2017

More foam stamps

Everyday I've been planning to get back to some stitching but haven't made it. It's been one of those weeks with commitments and appointments. And then there is the call of the wild knowing that snow shoeing will soon be over for the season. I have had time to  draw out a couple  more designs onto craft foam and did test prints in my sketchbook. 
I like to do second prints into smaller journals as well as clean the paint left on the brayer onto the pages. 
They make great backgrounds for sketching, collaging and journaling.
I'd like to make some coordinating stamps to go with this last one for printing on fabric. I'm sitting next to my picture window and I can see that the snow and wind is picking up out there. We made it out for our snow shoe just in time. I've had a hot chocolate and heat on my shoulders so I think I'll take a wander down to my studio and see what happens.


Dolores said...

Love the green. Stamps seem labour intensive and exactness. These are great.

Jo Ferguson said...

They're beautiful, Holly.