Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A snow day equals more creative playtime

Everything was cancelled today due to snow and freezing rain. That meant I had a whole day to do what I wanted to creatively - well aside from a few household chores.

I had a 'to do' list. First on the list was to finish printing the small poinsettias on the piece I had started so I could peel off the freezer paper masks and put it away.

Notice they're not perfect but that's the fun in handmade, paint and stitch will fix it up. I made two pillows for the sofa and this is meant to be cut up for a table runner.

Next, the plan was to finish my fish shanties. I got distracted when I noticed a sun print hanging over the cutting table. Thinking it would be a bit of creative fun to pull out a couple fabrics for a mug rug, I couldn't stop! I know, I'm so ADD! You have to go with the flow.

I cut the piece up and spread it out on the design wall. Sorry, lighting is not great since it's such a grey day.

I even went through my fiber collection.

Now, is the thinking part. I read in a fiber art book once that the first part of creating a new piece by throwing bits together is fast work. The next step where one thinks about how to put it together is the slow part.

So in the meantime while it percolates, I moved on to the shanties, sewing the first border on.

I'm auditioning a piece of white yarn.

Next (below), I'm pondering a piece of lace which would be inserted only on the left side.

Finally, I almost finished the thread painting. Just a few details left.



Jo Ferguson said...

I find I get bored if I work on the same project, for too long. I like to mix things up, too. That way I come back to things with a fresh perspective and fresh eyes. At least that's what I tell Loving the shanty piece and those sun dyed prints are yummy.

Mereknits said...

The whole process is fun to watch.

Sarah Vanderburgh said...

love all three. so glad you had a chance to be creative and shared with us!