Monday, February 29, 2016

Musing over doodles

This afternoon, after sewing a binding on my baby quilt, I started looking at the doodles I made in the Sketchclub App last week and thinking about how I could use them.

As you saw in a pevious post, I made a few kids foam stamps that I'd like to try out on my Gelli later this week with paper and fabric.

I would like to have some repeat designs done -similar to the one below-and made into screens for printing.

I managed to make the one above which is printed out on copy paper and glued into my sketchbook using a simple Microsoft Word program.

I'm a little frustrated because I can't do exactly what I want with drawings on the computer and I know there is quite a learning curve to figure it out. Any suggestions are welcome.

Perhaps it will be more satisfying if I get a day later this week to play with paint and fabric.


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Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the software so I can't offer any advice but I love what you have on paper. I can see it as a fabric design or even a quilting design. I'm having fun watching you experiment.