Saturday, February 13, 2016


I was walking on the trail again today-- much too frigid though to stop for photos or bird feeding. Once back inside, I made a chai tea and added some frothy sweet milk. A good time to start pondering on the garden.

I stretched out with my usual ice packs and heat and then I got caught up playing with a couple of I Pad Apps.

This one was made in Dreamscope using the watercolour style with one of my trail photos. Does it still say winter to you? It could be fun to translate into fiber art. Fun, at least to think about what could be.

Then, I played with a few designs in Sketchclub, something I'm working on for some new screens.

I did dozens! By the time I made it to my sunny studio, it was nearing supper time, but I still squeezed in some stitching on the shanties, all the while, trying not to be distracted by the chickadees flitting by the window on their way to the feeder.

Actually, though, I prefer to work in snippets of time; I need some space to ponder on it as I go.

It makes me anxious to put in the fishers, and they have to be almost last, so I can't mess up!



Sally Hurley said...

Love the Dreamscope trail picture. That would look pretty neat in fabric/thread.

Mereknits said...

It is chilly here but not frigid, hope you are staying warm. I love your mug.
Hugs to you,

Jo Ferguson said...

Yes, I think the Dreamscope sketch still looks like winter, especially in this cold. It would make an amazing fabric piece. Love the way your Shanties are coming along.

Maureen said...

Beautiful piece of stitching Holly and can't wait to see this one on the finish line!
Dreamscope looks so interesting so I'm going to have to look at this one!

Threadpainter said...

Dreamscope still says winter ... need to see this one in fabric !! ;)