Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Finishing more projects

Today, I've stayed home and devoted my time to domestic activities like these yummy banana chocolate chip muffins. I added chocolate chips and chopped walnuts.

After making the muffins and a batch of spaghetti sauce, I headed to the studio for some sewing. I'm on a mission to finish a few little projects.
This 'snap bag' was done last fall using one of my Gelli prints. It was all done but adjusting the length of the piece of aluminum measuring tape that runs through the top edge.

One has to force the tape open and if you let go it snaps shut.
I stitched up another pear pin cushion. Stuffing will happen tomorrow.

All in all, a satisfying morning. Oh yes, I also stitched the hem on a pair of my husbands cords.I was busy!

Just before lunch, I took the time to do some of my knee exercises and a few yoga stretches. After lunch, I sat with the ice packs while I had my tea and knitted a few rows on my latest project.

All of these little things I will add to my box of 'gifty' items to be  pulled when the need arises. I like to have hand made things saved ahead of time. I'm not at all a last minute sort. It makes me feel good to know they are there.

Finally, after all those little things were finished up, I got back to working on the Tree. I think I will call ot Frosty Morning. I worked on adding some Hollowshimmer thread to the shrubs and branches here and there and then added the first bobbin work snowflake before I had to stop for a break.

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Kate said...

People are often surprised when they ask who a project is for, I I say I don't know yet.
Glad to see someone else does that.

Mystic Quilter said...

Yummy muffins - my grand-daughter is coming along again after school and we planned on baking, I think we should make banana muffins - but she won't have the walnuts in there!

elle said...

Holly, I keep seeing these pears and I like them. Do you work from a pattern?

Mereknits said...

I bet your house smelled delicious. Lovely things you are making.

Jo Ferguson said...

I'm in LOVE with your bobbin work snowflake. I hope your knee is recovering well.