Wednesday, February 10, 2016

After a mild blizzard yesterday, today was such a contrast--pure blue sky, white sparkling snow, still and not too cold. I did my bit of house clean p and went out for a walk. The roads were well plowed and I manged 25 minutes.

The blue jays visited the feeder and the apple tree at lunch time. I did some quick sketches and took a few pictures.

I love the fluffy back lit feathers!

My student was sick today, so I've spent a few hours in my studio/sewing room.

 I also got word that my first baby quilt has been machine quilted, so I've been working back and forth between another baby quilt and getting some shanty drawings transferred to fabric. I need a few more strips for the lower right.

Meanwhile, in between sewing strips (it's good for me to move around), I transferred a couple of shanty drawings to PFD fabric.
This is my version of a light box.


It sure is pretty out there.


I do a light drawing on the fabric with pencil. It won't show once I've painted, appliqued and stitched over it.

Then, I like to add a watercolor like wash using Neocolor II crayons to the sky and the ice. This time, though, I seemed to get a lot of bleeding.

I never like to give up on a piece, especially with the cost of the fabric, so I may simply change the color of the shanties to cover it up.

The second one bled as well but at least it's mostly into the background trees which can easily be covered.

In the meantime, I am pondering how to avoid the bleeding. I've got an idea when I get the time to test it out. Maybe a mask of freezer paper---wondering if it would still bleed underneath. ...Maybe an edge drawn with oil pastels. That would keep it out I think. Some experimenting is due.


Maureen@Mystic Quilter said...

Wish we had blue jays here, so very colourful and bright and don't they look lovely with all the snow!
You really have a Winter Wonderland at your place at the moment.

Sally Hurley said...

oh, I love the backlit feathers, too! Fuzzy bird.

Sandi said...

Thanks for sharing your process...warts and all.

Love the birds!

Mereknits said...

IT sure looks beautiful and sunny out. Love that blue jay.
Hugs to you Holly,