Friday, March 25, 2016

Snowy Good Friday

We've been getting what I hope is the last significant snowfall although we've had them later. It's been a day of domesticity. I made fish chowder this morning along with some banana paleo muffins. I'm not really into paleo but I do try to eat less grains and if I eat bread or rice, it's always whole grain. These muffins were made with almond butter, bananas, eggs, and coconut flour. They are full of protein and fiber with no added sugar. We had them for lunch and they are definitely good.

I'm feeling a bit low today-- likely a result of the weather and medication adjustments. After lunch, I sat with my tea and finally finished stitching the binding on the pinwheel baby quilt.

I've realized that stitching a printed label to the back of the quilt is not possible with my fingers, and so I opted to free motion stitch it.

When life gets one a bit down, it's time to pull out the print basket and have fun picking and stitching fabrics together for a mug rug.

I thought I'd relax by free motion quilting it.

It was going well until I stopped after the first tall flower and moved to the leaves on the left. I forgot to put the presser foot down. What a mess underneath. I'm sure there are electronic machines that let you know it's not been lowered but my good ole manual does not. Has that happened to you?

I decided that was the message to stop and head to the sofa for some hand work. Last night, I finished knitting this little sweater and there are lots of ends to sew in.

For those who celebrate, I'm wishing you a Happy Easter.



Mereknits said...

Sorry you are not feeling your best Holly, I am a little down myself, my head has been hurting and I am just plain ole tired. I love the stitching and that sweater is adorable.
Wishing you a Happy Easter,

Jo Ferguson said...

It's hard to stay productive when you're not feeling well but you've managed to do a lot. Wish I'd been there for the fish chowder and muffins...yummmm. I adore the pinwheel quilt and I like the FM name, it's a wonderful touch. The sweater is gorgeous and the sun prints are beautiful. Hope today finds you feeling better.

Sandi said...

Your baby quilt is lovely, stay warm and creative this Easter Sunday.