Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Friends, quilting shanties, piecing curves

I started off my day by meeting friends at the nearby coffee shop. While I like a day at home, I try to always make time for friends.

After getting a wash out, I headed into the sewing studio where I put some finishing touches with thread and paint onto the shanties.

After lunch I sandwiched it and did some outline quilting.

When I reached the outside border the tension went off, so I took that as the time to stop and switch gears.

I moved to the sun prints which involves cutting and piecing free form curves. More relaxing.

I've gotten all the original straight seams taken out and resewn most with the curved strips.

It's getting closer to what I envisioned.

Next, I turned on my computer and wrote up the outline for a workshop.

It's been a productive day.



Michele T said...

It looks awesome!! I love those co.ours and prints together!!

Sandi said...

Love those sun prints, such a pretty mix of fabrics and colours! Hope your tension woes are all sorted out.

Margaret said...

Somehow I wasn't surprised to find that this was *your* work when I clicked on the link. Love the CAD flag on the building...but what's going on in the upper left border/corner?

Maker Joy said...

What a great way to spend a day. I love the sun prints.

Jo Ferguson said...

Absolutely loving the Shanties and sun prints.