Thursday, March 10, 2016

Tea with friends and playing with sun prints

This morning I had a friend for tea, another one stopped by and after lunch a third friend popped in for a little quilting advice. There was a stream of laughable (better to laugh) occurances before they came.

I got up late to make the muffins, discovered I had no milk for tea, and then found --after they were started--that I had no orange juice left for the muffins. I made these muffins today to accommodate the first friend who doesn't eat oatmeal. I substituted a combination of unsweetened cranberry juice and almond milk for the liquid.

Then I found out said friend doesn't eat cranberry, lol. She ended up stopping for a muffin of her choice at The local donut shop. Mine turned out good though and I was able to offer one to the next friend.

We had some good chat and laughs and after all the visits were over, I played a bit in my studio.

Most of the pieces are not sewn together. I'm auditioning different fabrics.

This may take a while.

For sure the vertical dark green is bothering me. The pieces will be in constant movement as I study it, sew a few more bits and as I move back and forth to other pieces while I contemplate.

I also played with another doodle, squeezing a few more onto the page.




Linda H said...

The muffins look yummy, despite your necessary substitutions. Loving your blue and green quilt. I'll watch it's progress with interest.

Jo Ferguson said...

Sounds like you're as creative with your cooking, as you are with your sewing.